They died for what they believe in, stood there ground in times of adversities and persecutions, even when it didn’t seem fair for them to die and expectations are that God will steal them out of the hand of the enemies, yet they died because of their faith which remained unshaken like the Hebrew boys “we know our God can save us, but even if he doesn’t we will not deny him nor bow down to any idol”

But I, the battles I fight are those of my lust, the battle against my sinful nature, and I lay defeated by myself, even though it wasn’t until death, I gave up and lay beaten by my nature.

And so…When the battle is a case of life and death will I stand? I couldn’t defeat myself, how can I lay my life for what I believe?

How can I conquer nations….?

Published by Saint Wisdom

I am a seeker of Purity and perfection, I long to live in the presence of God and continually Fellowship with him. This is all I am and all I seek.

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