God’s Judgment on Babylon…(MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN)

God is still speaking, and the decrees of the heavenly court are gaining expressions day by day, for every season there are speakings and decrees which sons of God must align to and raise intercession in accordance with.

Today as I arose, the speakings of God gained expression, as I opened my Bible this was Gods decrees in accordance with the book of Daniel.

Daniel 5:25-28.

25.And so God sent those fingers to write this message MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN

26.this is what it means, MENE means ‘numbered’ God has numbered the days of your reign and they are ended.

27. TEKEL means ‘weighed’ you have been weighed in God’s balances and have failed the test.

28. PARSIN means ‘divided’ your kingdom will be divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

In this season, judgment has been declared upon the rebellious people, upon darkness and evil.

The evil nations who have defied the consecrated things of God, they have suppressed and oppressed the holy people of God, the holy nation and priesthood generation. Their evil has been weighed, the insults, destruction and kios they have caused, it has been measured on the weighing balance and they have been declared guilty. The kingdom of darkness shall be divided against itself. And destruction awaits them.

Rejoice oh sons and daughters of Zion for thy salvation has come, for all you possessions has been restored, for you shall receive all you lost. Evil shall no longer prevail, for every form of darkness shall be destroyed and the strongholds of the wicked broken.

Raise up your praise for salvation has come. Rejoice and be glad.

Therefore raise your voice in supplications ye watchmen and call forth the expression of the speakings of God upon the earth.

GOD has been speaking to you concerning this seasons,. ADD YOUR REVELATIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.


Published by Saint Wisdom

I am a seeker of Purity and perfection, I long to live in the presence of God and continually Fellowship with him. This is all I am and all I seek.

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