Happy 72nd birthday to Mummy G.O, pastor Folu Adeboye (RCCG)

On the 13th of July 1948 pastor Folunike Adenike Adeboye was born to the family of Jacob Adelusi Adeyokunnu who was from a royal lineage therefore making Folunike Adeboye a princess.

Pastor Folunike Adeboye was the first out of the ten children of Jacob Adelusi who was a catechist in the Methodist church and a disciplinarian, so he train his children strictly.

She attended the Methodist primary school oke eshe llesha and later moved to Methodist girls secondary school agurudo llesha she also went to other trainings such as Teachers training, child evangelism training and the college of Education. She also studied other courses in and outside Nigeria, some of which include: Understanding accelerated Christian education, proficiency courses for director and head of schools, special needs education training.

Mummy G.O has been a great blessing to the church of God, as a perfect wife for our daddy, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, a role model to women all over the world, an administrator, teacher, lover of God, counselor, writer, mother and so much that can’t be mentioned.. join me as we wish her a happy birthday today.

Happy birthday mother in in israel. May you see many more years ahead, may you increase all round and continue been a blessing to us.

Evangelist Morris Cerrullo is dead. 1931-2020

It’s with great pain and anguish that we accept the death of Evangelist Morris Cerrullo. A great man whom God gave to us as a gift, a great blessing to his generation.

Morris Cerrullo was born to a Jewish/Italian family on the 2nd of October, 1931. He was raised by his parents until his parents died in a tragic automobile accident, and from then on he spent his young ages been transferred from one orphanage to another.

He gave his life to Chris at the age of 14 through the help of a nurse in one of the orphanages. And started practicing Christianity. The persecution he faced In the orphanage caused him to run away.

at the age of 16 of which he started his public ministry, he had an heavenly vision were he saw souls trooping into hell and suffering great torment. This flamed up his zeal and passion to win souls and transform lives.

He became an American pentecostal Evangelist as he travelled around the world to preach, he also hosted the VICTORY TODAY daily television program. Also an Author of over 90books. He was happily married to Theresa Cerrullo.

Can we ever find men to fill up the vacuum this man had filled in the body of Christ, can we find fathers with such capacity to influence the system and cause shiftings.

It wasn’t so long when we lost Evangelist Reinhard Bonnkie, but now, Papa Morris is gone too.

Can we cope with the demands and requirements for heavenly alignment? Our fathers are going but we the sons are we ready?RIP EVANGELIST MORRIS CERRULLO. WE LOVE YOU, AND WE SHALL SEE YOU AGAIN

The cherubim and seraphim church (founding father and history)

Moses Orimolade Tunolase is regarded as the founding father of the first African church, the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim , which was established in 1925, this church was born out of the Anglican church community among the Yoruba people in Western Nigeria.

Moses Orimolade Tunolase was born in 1879 into the royal family of Ayibiri in Ondo State of Nigeria. His father was a powerful herbalist and a masquerade.

From the time of his conception it was said by his cousin that Moses tunolase usually communicated with his mother aloud, even while in the belly, he once gave his mum an advice on how to strategically lift a bunch of fire wood alone (NOTE: he was still in the belly). Orimolade could neither stand nor walk until he was well over five years of age, reasons because of the situations surrounding his birth. Initially when his time came to be born, his mother was unable to deliver the child and a native necklace yoruba was worn on her neck to hasten to process. Immediately he was born, he stood up and started walking instantly to the astonishment of everyone. His father being embarrassed by that enchanted him to keep him down. This was believed to be the reason he walked late and also became lame .

His conviction and conversion was at the age of 12 were he had a dream in which he was given a rod, a royal signet and a crown.

He later went into a 7years confinement after which he came out with an ability to preach and read from the Yoruba king James version, and also to partially use his legs.

Orimolade launched out into ministry with great signs and wonder of which it’s mystery still remain unraveled, he would travel to far distances faster than any in his prayer team even though they use fast transport systems, he performed great healings and even once travel out of the country to heal a white man without using an aircraft he got to his destination before the messengers, it was said that he traveled through rocks and sometimes water.

Orimolade’s missionary journey started from his home town were he confronted witches and wizards, destroyed shrines and saved many souls. he traveled to through Benin preaching salvation and turning many to Christ without the intentions of opening a personal church he opened churches for the church missionary society.

Moses Orimolade arrived in Lagos on July 12, 1924 and lodged at Holy Trinity church (Anglican). He immediately started preaching all over Lagos and gained a great reputation among the holy trinity members. He was however ejected by the leaders of the Anglican church which caused many to follow him more.

On the 18th of June 1925 Moses Orimolade was invited to pray for a girl named Abiodun Akinsowon who had been in a trance for 21days, this obviously caused many to panic after the prayers she joined the Aladura Band which orimolade’s team was referred to as, she also came up with the name of the band which was changed to the Seraph Band on 9 September 1925 by Moses Orimolade. The addition of Cherubim to the name was advised by spiritual injunction on 26 March 1926 to reflect the heavenly representation of the Cherubim and Seraphim after a man had a revelation and was told that the seraph had a twin which was the cherub and they can’t be separated . The band was fully formed and functional by the end of 1925. Moses Orimolade reigned as the Sole Founder and Spiritual head of the band from 1925 to 1933.

Moses Orimolade tolunase never got married as he proclaimed he was a eunuch who would have many sons and daughters as the sand in he seashore, many didn’t understand this, but his legacy remains and was carried by the member of the C&S. He died on October 1933. And his body was taken back to his home town and buried.


God’s Judgment on Babylon…(MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN)

God is still speaking, and the decrees of the heavenly court are gaining expressions day by day, for every season there are speakings and decrees which sons of God must align to and raise intercession in accordance with.

Today as I arose, the speakings of God gained expression, as I opened my Bible this was Gods decrees in accordance with the book of Daniel.

Daniel 5:25-28.

25.And so God sent those fingers to write this message MENE MENE TEKEL PARSIN

26.this is what it means, MENE means ‘numbered’ God has numbered the days of your reign and they are ended.

27. TEKEL means ‘weighed’ you have been weighed in God’s balances and have failed the test.

28. PARSIN means ‘divided’ your kingdom will be divided and given to the Medes and Persians.

In this season, judgment has been declared upon the rebellious people, upon darkness and evil.

The evil nations who have defied the consecrated things of God, they have suppressed and oppressed the holy people of God, the holy nation and priesthood generation. Their evil has been weighed, the insults, destruction and kios they have caused, it has been measured on the weighing balance and they have been declared guilty. The kingdom of darkness shall be divided against itself. And destruction awaits them.

Rejoice oh sons and daughters of Zion for thy salvation has come, for all you possessions has been restored, for you shall receive all you lost. Evil shall no longer prevail, for every form of darkness shall be destroyed and the strongholds of the wicked broken.

Raise up your praise for salvation has come. Rejoice and be glad.

Therefore raise your voice in supplications ye watchmen and call forth the expression of the speakings of God upon the earth.

GOD has been speaking to you concerning this seasons,. ADD YOUR REVELATIONS IN THE COMMENT SECTION.


The worst that can happen to man.

There are so many tragic things that happen to men on earth, accidents, rejection, disappointments, frustration, poverty, war, lack, sicknesses, death etc. Out of this problems what do you thing is the worst man can experience, is it death? No it isnt.

Job in the Bible is a perfect example of Christian suffering, he lost is children and all his possession in one day even though he did nothing wrong his suffering was great, but even this cannot be compared to the worst predicament that can befall man.

But which of this can be regarded as the most tragic thing that can happen to man since it is not even death.

The answer is HELL FIRE, to be condemned and rejected by God on the last day is the most tragic thing that can happen,.. so set your scores straight with God, follow him and worship him, the sinful lifestyle is enough, the end of the world is near.

Heaven is real, Hell is real.


There is one coming whom his sandal I am not worthy to pull, for I baptise with water, but when he comes he shall baptise you with the holygohst and with fire.

Truly there is a release of fire for the season. There is a sound of a new church rising, a church coming up with the new dimensions and ordinations which shall be the new normal.

Truly there will be men of fire, your contact with such men either refines you or consumes you. Men with stature and carriers of God’s glory to show forth his praise and power upon the earth.

They’re coming from afar.

Women with the Deborah’s anointing to dispense judgement and legislations in the favour of the Saint the wicked shall person and be destroyed. They are coming from afar

They are coming in their thousands, and surely they will hear the sound of Yaweh.

May I not be left out oh lord.

The Line Between Cowardice and Bravery.

Any one can be brave because we all have the bravery muscles in us.

But what is that thing that differentiates the brave from the coward? What is that line that separates the brave from the coward.

The answer is “PURPOSE”

Give a coward a reason (purpose) to fight for, and you will see him cross the largest rivers, climb the highest mountains, pass through fire and do great and unimaginable things you never believe he could just to achieve the course he seek.

The disciples of Jesus Christ struggled with the ministry, and lived in fear until they found and understood the purpose for living.

No one is a coward, we just haven’t found a reason and a purpose to fight for. Motivate and inspire a coward over a life course and you will see him show bravery.

Your greatest enemy is not fear, neither is it strength. It is your lack of purpose. Find your purpose and your bravery will come alive.

You are not a coward, you just haven’t found a purpose, find it and bravery will emerge.


They died for what they believe in, stood there ground in times of adversities and persecutions, even when it didn’t seem fair for them to die and expectations are that God will steal them out of the hand of the enemies, yet they died because of their faith which remained unshaken like the Hebrew boys “we know our God can save us, but even if he doesn’t we will not deny him nor bow down to any idol”

But I, the battles I fight are those of my lust, the battle against my sinful nature, and I lay defeated by myself, even though it wasn’t until death, I gave up and lay beaten by my nature.

And so…When the battle is a case of life and death will I stand? I couldn’t defeat myself, how can I lay my life for what I believe?

How can I conquer nations….?

Train The Mind, And The Body Will Obey You.

For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Therefore, You are what you think you are. For out of the heart flows the issues of life

How do I overcome all this addictions?

I really want to stop drinking and smoking but I can’t. I’ve tried to overcome lust, but it’s grip on me is so strong I just can’t avoid trying to hookup with every lady I meet. Pornography has become my Bible and if I don’t watch it I feel so incomplete….. Even though some of his cases require serious deliverance, There’s an answer in the word of God.

We don’t overcome the flesh by cutting ourselves or slapping our body, we don’t overcome the flesh by tieing it with a rope, No.

Romans 12:2, And do not conform to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may proof what is good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

We overcome the flesh by Renewing our mind, we renew our mind by prayer and deep Bible studies.

Train your mind by the instrument of the word of God and prayers then your mortal body will naturally obey you.

Who Are You?…

John 1:22. Then Said they unto him, who art thou? That we may give an answer to them that sent us, what sayeth thou of yourself?

23. He said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the lord, as said the prophet Esaias.

When this question “Who Are You” is thrown, what’s usually your response? Do you tell Your name? Where you school? Your family? Your occupation? Etc… But who you are is not any of that.

Who you are is not your name neither is it your occupation or any of that. When John was asked who he was he didn’t answer with any of the options above.

The question Who are you? is a question of destiny, a question of purpose, because you will only be remembered by what you do.

John’s answer of who are you was I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, make straight the way of the lord.

So now it’s your turn….. WHO ARE YOU?

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