When God Brags About You.

Does God Brag?… Yes he does, especially about his obedient and upright children.

But what are the consequences of God bragging about you?

Remember, Newton’s third law of motion which states that ” for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For every action there is a reaction, and so is the case when God brags about you.

Lets study 3 cases:

1.job : God bragged about him and then boom came the trial, he lost his children, cattles and everything he owned in one day including his health, great grief came but job stood his ground. But then after all his later days was greater than the former.

2. Noah: God bragged about his righteousness and then the duty of building the ark came, a tedious work that cost him years, then the gathering of animals and the living in an ark for a year. This was all to save him from a flood which destroyed all mankind except him and his family.

3. Jesus: our third case is Jesus Christ, bragged about by God twice as been his son whom he is well pleased, he died on the cross and wa ups in the grave for three days but God rose him up to a seat of glory and gave him the greatest name.

Assuredly the end of each one God brags about is greatness, even the troubles they pass through can’t be compared to the glory revealed in them at the end.

In conclusion: Bad things happen to those whom God Brag about, not because God caused it, but the devil tries to prove God wrong and do away with his beloved.

The consequence of God bragging about you is big trouble but greater glory.

Oh lord; please Brag about me.

Published by Saint Wisdom

I am a seeker of Purity and perfection, I long to live in the presence of God and continually Fellowship with him. This is all I am and all I seek.

3 thoughts on “When God Brags About You.

  1. Good post. The first name that came to mind when I saw the title of this Post was Job. When God asks Satan has he considered one of his servants. That’s a hard place to be in if you don’t really know God. Blessings and Peace. Oh thanks for stopping by.


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