To be with him…

Mark 3:13-15. Afterwards he went up into the hills and summon certain ones he chose, inviting them to come and join him there and they did. The he selected twelve of them to be his regular companions and to go out to preach and cast out demons.

So many are running to the pulpit shouting I want to preach, others in a hurry to prophecy, many crave the desire to be called papa or mama and want to be addressed by a title (Pastor,Rev,Evang,prophet, and the best of all Apostle).

But do you know that your first calling is not to preach? Do you know that God values a consistent walk with him more than a thousand souls won? Because, outside alignment with him your labour and the structure you build becomes Babylon.

There is something that God values, even more than your preaching and numerous sacrifices. It is your staying with him.

His first purpose for choosing disciples was for them to become regular companions, to become his friends, his helpers , people he could talk to and fellowship with. Preaching is secondary, it is a bye product of the staying and association with Jesus.

Where are you rushing to? Do you think the yardstick of heaven is the same with that of men? Does God measure things and make conclusions from man’s standpoint? No, he doesn’t, his ways and thoughts are different ours. You don’t need to prove a point to anyone, you owe no one no explanation for your spiritual journey, it is personal. You don’t have to show that you’re making progress, the work is more than that. Remain in the secret place, stay there, stay there…

Stay with him, fellowship with him, let him teach you, let him show you the way, let him impart you with his nature and capacity. In study, in prayers, in worship and obedience learn the things of the spirit. And when you come out you will be ready to show yourself approved, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed. Rightly dividing the word of truth. Shalom.


Published by Saint Wisdom

I am a seeker of Purity and perfection, I long to live in the presence of God and continually Fellowship with him. This is all I am and all I seek.

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